Every year a theme accompanies us throughout the camp. It guides our discussions and leads to a deeper understanding of ourselves. Many a night is spent around the campfire discussing the moral, ethical, economical and personal aspects of the theme. The theme of this year will be announced at the beginning of the summer. To get an idea of what a theme can be read below a summary of IYC Portugal, the theme was: Based on True Story!

Once upon a time, in the olive orchids of Portugal, a group of young people from all over the world got together in the scorching august sun and listened to the stories around them. The ancient Roman Road, the hundred-year-old olive trees, and the fresh flowing water of the river. Can you feel the story of this land with your feet? Or the story of this song with your heart? And what story has brought you here, to this camp and this evening and these lights and these stars and that smile? What is challenging about the chapter you are trying to write now? Maybe the main character in my story can help! And how would you like your story to continue and when are you going to start writing this brave new chapter?

And so these people sat and talked, hiked, sang, and danced! All the while exploring the world of stories. Needless to say they left this campsite and this story, this river and these people, to go and carry on their own path, happily ever after.