During the summer of 2019, our beautiful campsite was on the field of the lovely organic farm of Joachim and Agnes. The campsite was located in between a forest and a beautiful field full of buckwheat. A small river nearby made our campsite complete.

During these two weeks, we connected with young people from all over the world. We hiked in small groups to discover the beautiful nature of the country and some people even climbed the highest mountain of Czech Republic! This mountain is on the boarder with Poland, so IYC also visited Poland this year.

Every morning, by singing songs the staff woke up the camp. The days were full of workshops and performances at the ‘open space’. Also at the end of every day, there was a campfire and hot chocolate.

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One evening, Joachim and Agnes joined us during supper and Joachim told us the history of his farm. He told us that his dream for the farm always had been that young people from all over the world would come to his farm to connect with each other. Afterwards, he showed us his organic farm. Besides the fields full of different types of grains and vegetables, there were cows and horses as well. Joachim was renovating an old villa, so that groups of children and young people could stay here for camps or other activities like horse riding, singing and dancing. At the end of the tour, he showed us the new stable for the horses. To thank Joachim, we sang with the whole camp in this stable.

Part of the Campsong

We all love it here on IYC, here on IYC, here on IYC
Dream and play and sing and let it be, sing and let it be, sing and let it be

Yellow Submarine • the Beatles


Have a peek into the beautiful moments of IYC 2019! Dive into memories of our summer in the Czech Republic, from singing on a square in Hradec Králové with everybody to the midnight talks around the campfire every evening!