The hike is one of the most important parts of the IYCamp. It takes place right at the beginning when everyone is divided into smaller groups of around 8 people and sent off on an adventure.

The hike takes place in the local countryside and often involves climbing mountains and crossing streams. A competitive game accompanies the hike to build the team spirit, keep up the motivation and encourage interaction with the local people.

On the first night the group can choose to carry their tents with them or find accommodation with the locals. Most groups opt for the latter option and sleeping places have included a cheese factory, a restaurant, a school, a disco, an abandoned house, a garage, staying with families, a farm and many more exciting places. Each group returns with a story to tell. The second and third night are spent in tents on another campsite especially chosen for the occasion, for example near a beautiful lake or in the grounds of an old country mansion.

The hike is a possibility to push yourself physically and mentally and the group spirit accompanies you through the highs and keeps you going through the lows. Everybody chooses their own limits and comes home with a sense of satisfaction and achievement. It is the ultimate way to experience summer in nature!

You leave the campsite with a group of strangers and return home with a group of friends.