In the summer of 2018 IYC went to the west of Europe, to a country known for its wine and cheese, rich history, medieval cities, alpine villages and Mediterranean beaches. With our campsite next to a river and high up in the Pyrenees, we spend two wonderful weeks together.

Here we connected with France, the local people, the surroundings, the cold water of the waterfall,  the rocks, the astonishing view but most of all: we connected with each other.

During the hike we discovered how beautiful the Pyrenees are, how friendly the people are and how rewarding a cold dive into a river is after the whole day of hiking.
At night we warmed our tired bodies at the campfire, while drinking hot chocolate and having interesting conversations.

Main info at a glance

Fillols, a mountain village in the south-east of France

‘Mad new world’

13 different countries

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After 4 days hiking around and exploring the area, people and the food, the campsite in Fillols felt like coming home. The rest of the two weeks were filled with doing workshops, going on a day trip to the beach, listening to someone singing on the open stage and many more heart warming moments. There are more stories to tell, so don’t hesitate to read the stories of other years and if you have any question just email us!



Have a peek into the beautiful moments of IYC 2018! Dive into memories of the French summer, from dancing with everybody on the festival day till the midnight talks around the campfire every evening!