2012 – Sweden

IYC 2012 was all about Time. Time was the theme that guided us through each day. There were numerous elaborations on the theme, like cycles of time, time and place, education, control, freedom and many others.

In the summer of 2012 the IYCamp settled at the side of a beautiful fjord near Järna in the southeast of Sweden. We put up the great White Marquee and all the other tents in a green field with trees on both sides and a steep path down to the water. Wait, did we say all the tents? Not quite, the kitchen tent was accidentally left behind in Benelux. But here on IYC we don’t let minor details like a missing kitchen let get us down… within four days the staff, led by Caspar and Rinke, built the most magnificent large luxurious kitchen EVER used on a Christian Community camp. Problem solved. Then the body and spirit of the camp arrived, the participants. What a lovely group of people we had! Not just from our main suppliers Holland, Germany and Great Britain, but also from Croatia, Romania, France, Belgium, Ireland, Norway, the Middle East and South Korea.

Jana van Gent, a participant from Brittain, wrote a beautiful article about this years camp, read it here.